Staging Your Home For Autumn and Halloween

Your efforts to sell your home this fall season can be aided by some simple decorating that reflects autumn and/or the popular holiday of Halloween. Some effective touches can not only ’round out’ your staging; they can also encourage potential buyers to imagine decorating the home themselves by creating a warm, inviting atmosphere.

The first rule of Halloween decorating is: don’t go overboard! You’re staging your home, not throwing a Halloween party. No skeletons, NO fake blood and nothing that is meant to jump out and startle people! You want people to enjoy their tour of your home; not have a heart attack when the fake bat drops onto their head.

A fall staging theme can be as simple as warm fall colors being featured in the decor. Or, it can be tastefully elaborate, with some kind of decoration in every room that ‘ties’ the rooms together.

In homage to the holiday, you can use pumpkins and the small pumpkin-like gourds to accent your porch, tables and mantelpieces. Pumpkins are definitely an attention getter, both in terms of size and color. Use them wisely.

If you decide to carve your pumpkins, make sure that they are carved in harmless, “happy” expressions, if they have faces. One idea is to use your jack-o-lanterns to highlight the numbers of your address. Or, you could carve a tiny house into one.

If you do decide to go the jack-o-lantern route, use candle substitutes. The last thing you want is to find the perfect buyer, only to have your home burn to the ground because a candle fell over. Flameless flickering lights are available cheaply from local stores, especially around Halloween.

Flowers and plants are popular with home stagers and you can make them work for you. Chrysanthemums and dried leaves are good fall choices for the home stager. A vase of these in a room can provide some attractive natural color that calls to mind the crisp warmth of fall. Planting hardy fall flowers like mums can also add some color to an otherwise fading garden.

One idea for home showing is have business cards printed up with a picture of your home and contact information. Tie these to Halloween candy bags and put them in a fall/Halloween themed bowl for prospective buyers.

Halloween and fall provide you with a great decorating scheme to bring your house together with warm, inviting colors and decorations that reflect the fall harvest/Halloween season. This can help prospective buyers imagine decorating your home for their seasonal celebrations and encourage them to think of your home as their own.

Is Virtual Staging for You?

A property is an asset that most people would like to stick to and make memories in. A home is a place that signifies and represents that dreams and the aspirations of its owners, however there maybe circumstances when the asset needs to be sold and it serves as an opportunity to earn from the home. As much as one may like the home in any condition that it may be in, it becomes important to showcase only the most presentable and beautiful face of the home so that it may be able to find good buyers in the property market. People may wonder whether it may be viable to spend on the beautifying process of the home and increase expenses. One may not have the kind of capital that is needed in the re-decoration of the home but it may be the most important factor in getting a good price for the property.

This is when the virtual staging services step in. While one may not opt for an actual designing of the home, it is possible to make the home look like a viable piece of property by virtually designing the spaces. It is possible to put in furniture and accessories in an empty space to make it look presentable and also to give an idea to the buyers of how the home may look when the designing part is completed.

The question remains, whether it may be worth designing the home even through the virtual medium and whether one may be able to get fruitful results from the effort. The truth is best understood by knowing the kinds of benefits that the service offers. With the actual property photos put up on the web for getting buyers to see it, one may think that the marketing job for the place is done, however it must be understood that a home that is not presentable may not catch the eyeballs that one needs and the home may not be able to attract too many buyers. When the virtual home staging is done and the potential of the home is brought out, more people may click on the ad for the house and may be interested in cracking a deal. Buyers can also be lured into buying a home through the service by giving them an opportunity to get free designing ideas and learn new and innovative ways to make the home look good without having to put in too much effort or expense. This may seem like another opportunity for coat saving to the potential buyers, which is why virtual staging solutions may be given due credit.

With the kind of advantages that the staging service for home offers, it may be realized that the service is a good one for all sorts of sellers and it may prove to be one of the most progressive and innovative methods to be able to get a good price for the property that is out on sale.

Bathroom Staging – 5 Steps to Sparkle & Shine for Home Show Marketing

Bathrooms are required, but wouldn’t it be nice if you could simply close them off when showcasing your home? Instead of barring the door and covering the delightful aroma of the “necessary” room, perhaps you could set the stage for sparkle and shine, to emphasize the best parts of the room.

1. Detail Clean the Whole Room

Make sure there are no hiding lines of “dark” in the bathroom. Clean with a combination of ammonia or bleach until the room sparkles with that just cleaned appearance, then shine everything with glass cleaner. Start out with a deep scrub, then detail the edges, then polish, fluff and enhance.

2. Colorize Your World

If the facilities are plain white and you have plain white walls and flooring, colorful towels and a shower curtain will liven things up a bit. Perhaps you have space for a brightly colored painting, or print? A row of prints above the bath (unless it’s also a shower) offers a nice change of pace. Colored throw rugs, a basket of colored towels and a dish of useful soaps may be all it takes to brighten your corner.

3. Lush Plants Add Life and Freshness

Seasonal cuttings are a brilliant touch if they’re fresh cut. No limp, failing blossoms on your counter will improve the appearance of the room. Use only the freshest cut flowers in sparkling clean vases. Potted green plants on the back edge of the bath, on the side of the sink, or in a window increase lively presentation. One full and lively green plant in a lovely pot is the best choice.

4. Delight the Senses with Delicate Aroma

Once the room is fresh and clean, think clean fresh linen scents to delight the senses. Toss out the overwhelming fruity odors and replace them with delicate aromas. Consider for a moment the aroma of freshly washed linens , light floras and mountains in spring? A hint of pine, rose hip or gardenia adds just the right note of grandeur.

5. Just Before Guests Arrive

Put out fresh towels, wipe all the hair off the sink counter and out of the drains, and toss the potpourri a bit to liven up the scent. Shine the mirror and turn on the lights. You want this room to sparkle and smell terrific when buyers come around. Make sure it invites them to come in and relax, not exit with a frown.

House Staging: Benefits, Marketing, and Imagination

Quality, professionally trained, real estate agents, often, suggest, staging a house, might be beneficial, to achieving the objective, of effectively, selling one’s home, in the shortest possible period of time, at the best possible price, with the least hassle/ stress. Staging a house, is designed, to either, make a house, look better, more usable, help potential buyers perceive the potential, etc. With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly examine and consider, some of the benefits/ possibilities, marketing/ sales, and imagination.

1. Benefits/ possibilities: As the lyrics of the song, go, Accentuate the positive, eliminate the negatives, staging is often done, to achieve, the objective, of being able to show off a home, in its finest light! Sometimes, this means, simply, de – cluttering, or adding accent lighting, etc, while, at other times, a larger effort might be indicated. Sometimes, one hires a home – stager, to bring in, furniture which will make rooms appear, warmer and friendlier. larger or more, user – friendly! The height of chandeliers, often makes the room’s dimensions, appear, considerably different. When potential buyers are viewing a house, many lack the ability and/ or perception, to visualize, what the possibilities of a home, might be, and, thus, staging helps these people, see things as they might be., Selling a home, professionally, and proactively, often, means, ensuring, every viewing, is, appealing to the potential buyer!

2. Marketing: Many potential buyers, make their decision, whether to look at a particular house, is based on how a house, looks, in the pictures, posted on the Internet. Therefore, professionally staged houses, often, have a marketing advantage, because they attract, more qualified, potential buyers, to consider, proceeding forward, and taking a look. Selling a property, often is enhanced, when there are more people, viewing it!

3. Imagination: Because many potential buyers, lack the necessary, relevant imagination, to see, beyond – the – surface, and, focus, on lesser items, such as the color of the paint, and whether, they like the furniture and furnishings, professional home – staging, is, often, indicated! The reality is, when a home, is staged, to appear, to the best of its potential, more potential buyers, seriously consider it, as the home, of their dreams, and needs!

It’s important to realize, home – staging, is often, effective, but, there are other times, it’s far less than indicated or needed. necessary! Homeowners should discuss, whether their home, would benefit from some degree of staging.

Home Sellers’ Best House Staging Tips to Ensure You Sell It Quickly

If there’s anything that’s changing the UK’s property industry for the better, then it is the swelling list of property listing websites. From the trend-setter property listings portals like zoopla, WowHaus and Rightmove to the fast-rising London-based online property advert.

And their significance isn’t just about the ease of allowing listing property for sale by owner or selling homes fast, but also allowing one to showcase the vital features of the home beautifully. You see, buyers and tenants alike, flock the web, all eager to find the best estate agents in London and hopefully land beautiful, modern and cosy houses to buy or lease. As they browse through the list of available options, these folks will probably land on your property.

And you know what? You will have 7-10 minutes to convince them to buy or rent your house. So, what do you do?

Hint – Home Staging

Of course, you give them a KILLER first impression by decorating the house, renovating worn out features, painting its walls and doing everything that would enhance its charm.

That superb first impression is only possible through tremendous and well-thought-out home staging. In fact, home staged properties have been revealed to sell 17% faster than the ordinary homes. So, as you embark on getting best improvements for home valuation, please do not forget the following house staging tips:

· Remove all clutter

Get rid of all unsightly features before taking those photos or inviting prospective buyers to view the property. Everywhere from the floor to the walls, the cupboards and the loo area should be clutter-free. Clutter is everything from those family photographs, rare collectables and ostentatious ornaments.

· Be meticulous on the flooring

Since the buyer will most definitely want to see a soft, smooth and super-clean floor, ensure it is just that – sparkling. Start with the carpets, clean them. The rugs and mats, vacuum them as well. Do all these ahead of their visits and ensure no single area of your home’s floor looks appalling.

· Leave each door and window open

It is good etiquette to leave the doors open as it makes prospective buyers feel welcome, free to wander around and make positive decisions. All entries, including the garage door and even the one leading to the basement, ought to be wide open. However, you should ensure they open without any hitching sounds.

· The sofas and your bed must look cosy

Arrange your seating area to feel exquisite by creating a neat theme. As for the bedrooms, let them look comfy by using white or neutral, clean and well-ironed bedding. Pillows and cushions ought to look stunning too.

Bonus tip: Fresh flowers and a bowl of fruits on the dining table do wonders, pretty much like a little spraying during the day of their visit.

Final Thoughts

Perhaps this may sound obvious, but don’t ignore them. Start home staging a month before listing your property for sale. And be sure to find the best photographer so that all the shots taken capture the great work you could have done.