Arrange Your House to Sell, Home Staging Ideas That Cost Nothing

When you are selling your house, you do not want to spend a lot of money fixing it up. After all you are selling it to make money.  One of the things you can do that costs nothing is rethinking the way your furniture and accessories are arranged.

You do not have to have your furniture lined up along the walls. In the living room and family room try placing the seating arrangement on the diagonal, this tends to widen the appearance of a room. The main furniture grouping in these rooms should take up no more then 10 to 12 feet.   The more free space you have beyond the grouping, the larger the room will feel and large rooms are always a good selling point.

It may be best to remove some furniture from the room. A sofa, two chairs, a coffee table and end tables are usually enough to make a living room feel furnished. The ottoman in front of a chair, or a table you have behind the sofa, or any additional seating may add to the way the room functions for your family, however, are not necessary for the room to feel furnished.

You may be able to use these pieces in other rooms in your house, if not put them in storage. If they happen to be pieces you were not planning to use in your new home than get rid of them before you start showing your house.

Make sure it is easy to pass from room to room, eliminate un-necessary furniture from hallways and the landing area at the top of the stars. In the bedroom remove the bench at the foot of the bed, the exercise bike in the corner of the room and the laundry hamper. Remember, you want the rooms to feel furnished but not crowded.

When it comes to accessories keep them to a minimum. Use mirrors to reflect your homes unique features like a stained glass window, a beautiful fireplace or a magnificent view. Mirrors can also be used to bring light into a room by placing them opposite a window. Of course they also make a room feel larger.

Another important accessory is light. Make sure the light bulbs are bright enough and that the lights are turned on throughout the house. If it is an option than re-arrange lamps from one room to another making sure each room has at least three light sources. Unless you are hiding an ugly view, the blinds or shades on your windows should be open and drapery panels should be kept to a minimum. 

One of the big challenges of staging is being able to see your house from the buyer’s perspective. Whenever possible I recommend investing in the advice of a professional home stager. Consider having a yard sale or use Craig’s List to sell furnishings you don’t intend to take with you when you move. Invest the money you make for the services of a professional stager. Statistics show homes that have been staged sell quicker and for more money.