Bathroom Staging – 5 Steps to Sparkle & Shine for Home Show Marketing

Bathrooms are required, but wouldn’t it be nice if you could simply close them off when showcasing your home? Instead of barring the door and covering the delightful aroma of the “necessary” room, perhaps you could set the stage for sparkle and shine, to emphasize the best parts of the room.

1. Detail Clean the Whole Room

Make sure there are no hiding lines of “dark” in the bathroom. Clean with a combination of ammonia or bleach until the room sparkles with that just cleaned appearance, then shine everything with glass cleaner. Start out with a deep scrub, then detail the edges, then polish, fluff and enhance.

2. Colorize Your World

If the facilities are plain white and you have plain white walls and flooring, colorful towels and a shower curtain will liven things up a bit. Perhaps you have space for a brightly colored painting, or print? A row of prints above the bath (unless it’s also a shower) offers a nice change of pace. Colored throw rugs, a basket of colored towels and a dish of useful soaps may be all it takes to brighten your corner.

3. Lush Plants Add Life and Freshness

Seasonal cuttings are a brilliant touch if they’re fresh cut. No limp, failing blossoms on your counter will improve the appearance of the room. Use only the freshest cut flowers in sparkling clean vases. Potted green plants on the back edge of the bath, on the side of the sink, or in a window increase lively presentation. One full and lively green plant in a lovely pot is the best choice.

4. Delight the Senses with Delicate Aroma

Once the room is fresh and clean, think clean fresh linen scents to delight the senses. Toss out the overwhelming fruity odors and replace them with delicate aromas. Consider for a moment the aroma of freshly washed linens , light floras and mountains in spring? A hint of pine, rose hip or gardenia adds just the right note of grandeur.

5. Just Before Guests Arrive

Put out fresh towels, wipe all the hair off the sink counter and out of the drains, and toss the potpourri a bit to liven up the scent. Shine the mirror and turn on the lights. You want this room to sparkle and smell terrific when buyers come around. Make sure it invites them to come in and relax, not exit with a frown.