Those Things You Have To Tell Buyers About Your Home

There are many different ways sellers can be involved in the lives of the people seeking to buy their house, and some ways are more intrusive than others. If you are a home seller and want to be very involved in the selling process with the buyers that have been chosen, you have the opportunity to let the new buyers in on the secrets of your home that might not have been clear in the advertisements or in their dealings with a realtor.

Some of the things about your house are good, and others aren’t so good. Depending on how long you’ve lived in the house you will know the ups and downs of this property more than anyone else, and it is up to your discretion to reveal these things to the potential buyers of your property. Put yourself in the buyers’ shoes- you wouldn’t want to buy a shiny new house and then find a cracked foundation, would you?

The basic rule of thumb in this situation is to treat the buyers as you’d like to be treated- seems simple, but in the rush to sell your home some things get neglected. Here are a few things you have to tell buyers about your home before any papers are signed.

Tell them all the great things about your neighborhood that you love. If you have kids or your neighbors have kids, tell them about the local ice cream places, local schools, and parks that the buyers may not know about. Moving is hard and for buyers with kids they are likely thinking very hard about how this move will affect their children. Put their mind at ease, but also be honest if there are any concerns you’ve had about your kids in the area.

Tell potential buyers if there are any quirks to your house. Sometimes inspectors and buyers don’t notice the loose latch on the attic door, or the slightly leaky skylight in the bathroom. Be honest about things that might need updating if you aren’t going to be the one doing those renovations yourself before the house is sold. Additionally, take the buyers on a tour of the property and point out any places where you might have dealt with old trees, power lines, rotting fence posts, and more.

Buyers will appreciate you giving them an inside look into what it takes to care for your house and property. Creating in their mind a realistic picture of what living in your house looks like will help them assess whether or not this situation is good for them. In this stage of the buying process it is better to be honest and choose the right buyer for your house rather than rush through a sale and disappoint the buyers with a housing situation they weren’t prepared for.

The information you choose to share with your property’s potential buyers is at your discretion, but be honest about the realities of your property both positive and negative.