To Stage Or Not to Stage Your Home?

Staging your home can sometimes mean the difference between a quick sale… and a long drawn out sale. In some cases, it can make the difference between selling and having your home sitting on the market without any serious offers at all!

It can be hard sometimes to want to de-personalize your property in the hopes of gaining interests of potential buyers. The thought of taking out all your personal items, re-arranging furniture (sometimes exchanging with new furniture), doing some painting and fixing all the little things that can make a big impact on a first impression can seem a bit daunting. However, there is a simple solution. It isn’t exactly a cheap solution in most instances, but one definitely worth looking at, and that’s professional home staging.

Home stagers will take that personalized property of yours, and make it appeal to a very broad audience. They’ll usually bring in their own furniture, do some painting if need be, make sure the home is well lit (adding lights if necessary, and changing bulbs that are burnt), taking down all personal pictures and anything that would be perceived to be of a specific taste and exchanging it with more generalized items. A home stager, a good home stager for that matter, will also pay close attention to curb appeal and ensure the outside of the property is warm, welcoming and isn’t obstructed.

As a Realtor, I will usually promote the services of a home stager when i feel the home is going to need it for a sale. Everyone treats their homes differently, some like to keep them more clean, open, and free of clutter; whereas others will pack their home with anything they can find and mostly things that would appeal to them only. Staging a home can be compared to getting a car certified before you sell it. It’s an added cost, but one that sweetens the pot to help get those quick sales. Whether the cost is worth it or not is totally up to the individual selling the home.

For myself, I would look at it like this. You can either take time off work, lose money and do it yourself; or you can pay a professional to get it done and do a great job, and won’t have to take any time off, wasting vacation days or losing money.